Country: France
Net premiums written (1999): $2,538m (£1,786.3m)

Head office:
21 rue de Châteaudun
75441 Paris
Cedex 09
Tel: +33 1 5321 1600
Fax: +33 1 5321 1610

Year established: Origins back to 1816
Parent: Axa Group

Chief officer: Jean-Luc Bertozzi, CEO
Biography: Jean-Luc Bertozzi joined the Axa Group in 1985 after having served as chief information systems officer at Thomson. His career with Axa began at Drouot. From 1989 to 1994, he was head of the Ile de France region at Axa Assurances, and in 1994 was named deputy CEO. In 1995, he was named CEO of Axa Assurances. Since November 1999, he has been chief executive officer of Axa France Assurance.