Regional brokers targeted from Leeds, Birmingham and Woking offices

Allianz’s corporate division has launched a UK-wide drive to boost its brand because it lacks the visibility of its other brands in the regions, the company’s marketing chief said this week.

The drive will target regional brokers and aims to win market share, said Philipp Cremer, head of market management and communication at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), a division of the insurer.

He addded that the campaign would also enhance the regional awareness of Allianz’s corporate and specialty products.

Cremer said two teams, comprising nine AGCS representatives, would use Allianz’s existing offices in Leeds, Birmingham and Woking to target the regions. A London representative would deal with brokers in Greater London.

Allianz said these broker development teams aimed to strengthen relationships with key clients and brokers in the major corporate and specialty sectors across the UK market.

Cremer said: “AGCS has been very much focused in the past on the London market,” adding that the teams’ targets are regional brokers that do not use the London market for placing business. “We have identified unexpected potential for these specialist products.”

Marine cargo, freight liability, defect insurance, financial lines including directors & officers (D&O) and general aviation will all be offered to brokers in the drive