The British Equestrian Insurance Brokers (BEIB) is jockeying for a niche in the motor breakdown market.

In an attempt to claim a portion of this potentially lucrative market, it has launched a Horsebox/Trailer Breakdown scheme.

The scheme covers any home start or recovery charges, and includes alternative transport to the destination and overnight stabling for horses being carried in the vehicle.

BEIB director, Simon Mackaness, said, "We are delighted to start the new millennium with the launch of our new Horsebox Breakdown Scheme, which gives comprehensive cover with many additional benefits that are not usually included in policies of this type."

The scheme is offered in conjunction with motorised horsebox or horse trailer policies from BEIB.

It covers all vehicles up to 25-years-old for any authorised driver, anywhere in the UK or Europe, for up to £25,000 in any one year of insurance.