Small and medium-sized companies voted brokers top of the list for professional advice, according to a poll of 500 companies by Norwich Union (NU).

The Attitudes to Business survey put insurance brokers in front of insurers, banks and financial advisers.

But it went on to reveal there is little loyalty in the market, with 68% of the companies likely to swap brokers if it made financial sense.

SMEs also seemed underwhelmed at the offering of banks; 18% said they had been offered commercial insurance from a high street bank, but 87% of those had not taken up the offer.

NU head of knowledge and customer development Debbie Heaney said: "Our survey results continue to show that the majority of businesses believe that brokers demonstrate the skills and knowledge to manage their needs. The challenge for brokers is turning this satisfaction into customer loyalty."

The survey also showed that nearly one third of companies surveyed did not use a broker for commercial insurance, 13% did not think they would get a better deal with a broker and 12% thought that costs would be prohibitive.