Companies to be given three warnings to pull out of Burma before being named

The Burma Campaign has repeated its threat to expose insurers with business interests in the country.

ABI director-general Stephen Haddrill has sent members a letter asking about potential dealings with the military dictatorship that runs Burma.

A spokesman for the campaign said it was certain at least one ABI member has business dealings in Burma – and it had the evidence to prove it.

“If the ABI don’t tell their members not to operate in Burma, then we will name them,” he said.

However an ABI spokesman said: “We have made inquiries of our members and we are not aware of any members with involvement in Burma.”

In January, following the military regime’s violent clampdown on protests, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of people, including monks, the Burma Campaign formed a team of insurance professionals to expose the involvement of UK insurers in the country.

Companies that are identified will be given three warnings to pull out of Burma before being named on the campaign’s so-called “Dirty List”.

In a letter to Haddrill, the campaign group said: “We also have reports that some of your members have been insuring regime-owned companies. This is unacceptable. By doing so, your members are providing a financial lifeline to a regime that is as corrupt and inept as it is brutal.”

An ABI spokesman has asked the Burma Campaign to come forward with any evidence it has.

“We would be interested to know what their concerns are,” he said.