The Motor Accident Solicitor Society (Mass) is calling on the Motor Insurance Database to restrict its search fee to £2.50 to contain insurance claims costs.

A Mass spokeswoman said this price was similar to the commercial fee charged by the Driver Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC) for searching its database.

“It would be better to keep all MID costs as low as possible, as they will add to solicitors' claims costs,” she said.

The Motor Insurance Database, due for launch in September, is believed to be proposing that users pay significantly less than £10 for each search, although a final figure has yet to be decided. The charge is likely to apply to solicitors and insurers checking the insurance details of drivers involved in traffic accidents.

More than 22 million drivers will have their details registered with the MID, developed by information services company Experian.

The initiative is required by the fourth European motor insurance directive, which says EU countries should provide a reciprocal form of redress for motorists involved in collisions.