Gates family

A terminally-ill mum who was stuck in the US for more than two weeks when her insurance firm refused to pay her healthcare has been flown back to the UK, the BBC reported.

Cancer patient Lindsay Gates, 40, broke her leg on a family trip to Florida and was admitted to the hospital on 21 June. 

But insurer Travel Insurance Facilities refused to pay out after they carried out an investigation into her cover, which they found to be “regrettably conclusive”.

Her friends said her insurance company was “well aware” of her condition and that Gates believed she was covered.

Friends and family launched a fundraising campaign to pay for the medical bills and travel costs for Gates, her husband and their two daughters.

Friend Rikki Wilson posted on Facebook that Gates has now been transferred to a hospital in Portsmouth after returning safely to the UK. 

British Airways confirmed that she came back on one of their flights. 

A British Airways spokesperson said: “As soon as Ms Gates was able to travel, we made arrangements to ensure that she was as comfortable as possible and the family had all the support they needed throughout their journey.”