Chubb files against Weinstein claims in English court 

Chubb has filed suit in the English courts to stop Harvey Weinstein from claiming insurance cover for his legal costs.

The disgraced movie mogul is fighting Chubb which has refused to cover his legal defence against accusations of sexual assault and harassment. The two sides have been embroiled in a legal battle in the US, which has now spread to the UK. 

Weinstein had earlier complained that he had paid $1.2m in premiums between 1994 and 2018, including a policy that provided for $300,000 in crisis assistance benefits and unlimited legal costs.

However, in late February various insurers under Chubb’s umbrella went to a New York federal court to request a judicial declaration to say that they would not have to provide defence or indemnity for Weinstein in 11 cases. The insurers said that Weinstein’s conduct was intentional and therefore was not covered by the policies. 

The lawsuits arise “out of a pattern of intentional, egregious sexual predatory behaviour by Harvey Weinstein which included rape, flashing, fondling, harassing, battering, and other sexual assault, all for his own personal sexual gratification, which spanned at least the past 30 years,” documents filed by Chubb and available from the Hollywood Reporter revealed earlier. 

It is believed that Weinstein entered into strict nondisclosure agreements as part of confidential settlements with at least eight victims.

Over a hundred more women could have been affected by Weinstein’s behaviour in addition to those bringing cases against him, the documents filed by Chubb say.

The policies taken out by Weinstein include exclusions for: intentional acts; director’s liability; business pursuits; molestation, misconduct or abuse, and discrimination, Chubb’s documents claim.

Chubb was not available for comment.