Henry Payne and Godwin Higgins among the firms named

Customers may be able to claim up to £48,000 if they lose money as a result of dealing with insurance brokers named as being in default.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has listed 22 investment firms in default, including six insurance brokers.

It means the firms are unable to pay claims made against them, paving the way for customers to claw back some of their money with the FSCS.

Firms named in the insurance sector include Henry Payne Insurance Services in Birmingham, Godwin Higgins Insurance Brokers in London, R Church and E Tucker t/a Glinthurst Insurance & Financial Consultants in Hampshire, Kent-based Swanley and North Kent Insurance Brokers, Chatterton Bennett Insurance Services in Gloucestershire and Forsyth Lang & Company in Leeds.

Investment claims handled by the FSCS usually relate to advice; for example, if a customer buys a policy that is unsuitable for them and loses money, he or she may be entitled to make a claim.

The FSCS has covered advice about general insurance and the arranging of policies since January 2005.