Software house CSC has provided the first details of Vision, a new IT "strategy" that specifically targets corporate brokers and intermediaries.

Vision will comprise a number of products and services providing multi-channel capability for branches, call centres and e-commerce. These will be offered on every line of insurance business the provider sells, from personal and commercial lines to life and London market business.

The system, originally developed in the US by a company called Allied Systems in collaboration with Microsoft, has been adapted by CSC for the UK and other markets. It includes new Windows-based technology that permits brokers to mould their software systems. It allows the user to make changes without calling in a programmer.

Tony Tarquini, CSC Retail Insurance Division's corporate business development director, said: "Partnering with Applied Systems and pooling our development resources means we can provide customers across the insurance market with better functionality and technology."

CSC also claims it is the first software company to offer such a system.

"As the new technology strategy is rolled out, you will see businesses driving their IT, not vice versa," Tarquini said. "Users will buy a single system for all parts of their business, configure and go. As the business changes they can just reconfigure to keep up."

Further features of the system include a customer/prospect/policy database, activity tracking, a claims system, the ability to analyse specific data in more depth, electronic image management, automated marketing plans, calendar scheduling, general ledger and invoicing and an on-line manual.