Motor claims are three times more likely to involve dash cam footage as evidence, according to new research from Accident Exchange

Claims are three times more likely to involve dash cam footage in their supporting evidence today than three years ago, according to research by claims management company Accident Exchange.

Accident Exchange said the number of incidents it has dealt with involving dash cams has more than tripled over the last two years. Some 202 incidents involved dashcam footage in 2015, increasing to 778 this year so far, up to the first week of October.

The use of a dash cam encourages transparency. Footage can be used to chart crash data in the event of an accident. This results in fewer disputes and speeding up the claims process.

Dash cam use can lower premiums for customers of some insurance providers.

2015 saw a 918% rise in dash cam sales and claims handlers are reporting that they are featuring more and more in claims.

Accident Exchange director of operations and sales Scott Hamilton-Cooper commented: “For many, the post-accident experience is one of the most stressful elements of car ownership, and it benefits everyone – motorists, accident management firms and insurers – to make it simple, stress-free and to limit unnecessary claims disputes. The fact it brings even more transparency to the process is great for us and our customers.”