Eastgate Assistance is persevering with its consortium of millennium bug experts - despite receiving no claims.

Spokesman Alex Wise said the intention had always been to maintain the consortium in the long term.

"We have a group of high-powered experts in place capable of dealing with any number of catastrophes," he said.

But the consortium will not be marketed collectively, relying instead on the clients of its individual members.

The nine-strong body provide support services including cause investigation, crisis management and rectification support as well as loss assessment and quantification issues.

Eastgate and CCS Global will be the project managers.

The members of consortium are:
- Deloitte & Touche - financial claims management.
- Kennedys - legal services.
- Moore-Harvey International - computer engineering
- RB Hawkins & Associates - forensic scientists
- The Power Station Consultancy - crisis communications
- Campos & Stratis - investigating consultancy
- Babtie Group - engineering consultancy
- APW - loss adjusters
- CCS Global - loss adjusters and project managers.