Change to affect acquired MGAs, including  Dallas Kirkland, Ink and Keelan Westall

Arthur J Gallagher has rebranded its 10 UK managing general agencies (MGAs) as Pen Underwriting.

The move to a single brand follows the company creating a single operating model for its MGAs earlier this year.

Gallagher’s MGA unit is separate from its delegated authority underwriting MGU arm, which will retain the OIM Underwriting brand.

The rebrand will affect the Dallas Kirkland, e-Underwriting, Ink, IRS, Keelan Westall, OAMPS, Think, Vela, Woodbrook and Zennor brands.

Gallagher said the rebrand would be phased with each MGA changing its name to Pen Underwriting “as soon as is practically possible”.

Gallagher’s international underwriting operations – Contego, SRS and Australis Group Underwriting – will also adopt the new name.

Gallagher MGA managing director Mark Armitage said: “Bringing all of our MGAs together under a single brand will make it easier to understand what we do and allow us to promote our strongest credential – we’re a one-stop shop for specialist underwriting products and services.

“While we recognise the immense value encapsulated in each of our individual businesses, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

“A single brand gives a clear signal to insurers, our customers and the market that we are a force to be reckoned with, and provides a strong foundation on which to build our specialist expertise, quality underwriting and profitability.”

Adrian Brown, RSA’s outgoing UK and Western Europe chief executive, will join Gallagher as executive chairman of underwriting and distribution on 1 September.

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