Getting to know the neighbours

Consumers are to be given access to the same detailed information about their properties that was traditionally the preserve of insurers.

Information giant Experian has launched "eseries property", which provides demographic, neighbourhood and property information. Much of the information is used by underwriters in calculating buildings and contents insurance.

Experian is selling e-series property to other businesses websites rather than directly to the public. It has already been bought by two internet-based estate agents, fish4homes and homemovers.

The information includes:

  • House price data by property type, with details on the number and value of recent transactions at postal code level
  • A full range of area demographic data such as incomes and age profiles
  • Detailed information on the risk of subsidence, flooding, land erosion, vehicle or motor theft and windstorm damage for every property in the UK
  • Information on burglary and motor crime
  • Performance of local primary and secondary schools
  • A complete profile of key local amenities such as retail and leisure facilities
  • Information on the types of cars that people own in the area
  • Council tax rates and regional weather trends

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