Ghost broker social media frauds causes police to deliver warning to customers 

ghost broker social media

Police have warned the public about ghost broker social media fraud tricks amid a spate of unsuspecting customers being caught out. 

Ghost brokers, tricksters who use the internet to set up fake policy documents or take premium money online before disappearing, are operating on social media platforms to give themselves a new level of credibility, police say.

Action Fraud has reported several cases of people responding to ghost broker social media tricks, and now Devon and Cornwall Police have issued an alert, Devon Live reports. 

“In other cases, insurance has initially been purchased on behalf of the victim only to be immediately cancelled with the insurer; this means that bogus brokers can forward voided paperwork or email concerning insurance cover to the unsuspecting victim and pocket any refunded insurance fees,” read the alert issued by Devon and Cornwall Police.

Customers are being urged to contact the insurer directly if they have suspicions about a ghost broker social media presence or check the FCA website to see if the brokers are authorised.

In April, a ghost broker was sentenced for a defrauding LV= using fake car insurance policies. 

“If a broker claims to be accredited with a good practice organisation, don’t just take their word for it,” it added. “Be sure to contact the respective organisation directly and check their database or make an enquiry.”

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