The GISC is to form a working group to focus on regulation of the travel insurance industry.

Last year, Gisc board member Mike Slack warned that half the UK's travel agents could be forced to stop selling insurance because they might not meet the regulatory body's stringent service standards.

Senior figures from across the travel and insurance industries will be present for the working group's inaugural meeting on February 21. Taking part will be representatives from the Gisc, the Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries (ATII), company underwriters and Abta.

The ATII, ABI, Abta and the Gisc have already been working together since the first consultation document was drafted to try to find a way of ensuring travel agents can sell insurance to the standards demanded by the Gisc.

Stephen Howard, spokesman for the ATII, said: "The meeting will allow us to voice our concerns on client care and come to a solution to safeguard the quality of service provided by travel agents selling travel insurance across the UK."

ATII plans to follow the meeting with a seminar of its own where it will give delegates "a clearer view of where the travel insurance industry is going under the Gisc".