Complete set at Thatcham

Complete set at Thatcham
Motor insurance repair research centre Thatcham is launching Escribe, which offers vehicle research data for motor repairers and engineers. Escribe puts Thatcham's motor research data on a CD and updates it twice a month. It is a companion to the Thatcham parts guide and can be bought in modules or as a complete set.

EDI nest
Bradford-based insurer Congregational & General has launched EDI versions of its personal lines products Nest and Countrywide Nest with Misys Financial Systems. Congregrational said EDI facilities would be available on other software houses soon. It is already working on providing EDI to Sirius users and Masterplan members. By the end of the year, Congregational said it expected to have a total of seven EDI products.

Update for Eras
Room is launching an updated version of Eras 2000, its risk management solution for energy underwriters. The product has been enhanced to include worldwide onshore refinery and petrochemical plant information. Existing capabilities have also been enhanced.