Camberford turns new leaf
Camberford Law has improved its scheme for tree surgeons, lumberjacks and landscape gardeners. Professional indemnity cover has grown to £1 million, covering reports written by principal, directors and all employees. Public and products liability is up to £2m with an option to increase to £5m and £10m. Employers' liability is now available to £10m.

Abbey ups its building policy
Abbey Legal Protection has doubled the limit for its construction industry policy, called Abbey Lawbuild, to help companies with turnovers of £10 million. The insurer took the decision to raise the previous £5m limit after requests from brokers.

Congregational aids churches
Churches which are undervalued will have their rebuilding costs met in full with the Church Choice policy from Congregational & General. The assurance is just one of 20 improvements the Bradford insurer has made to the cover it offers. Many of these improvements reflect the tightening of liabilities in recent charity legislation.