Capita Insurance Services is delighted to win the Training Programme of the Year Award.

The award is testimony to the efforts of Capita's investigation services team, who won the award for demonstrating a unique and innovative response to demands within the insurance market for a professional qualification.

Raising the bar and setting the standard for others to follow, Capita formalised the role of a corporate/ commercial investigator, designing and building a unique investigator foundation training programme, which combines in-depth technical knowledge of fraud with practical application.

The success of this led the University of Teesside to offer the course as a fully accredited formal qualification: under-graduate certificate in professional development (UCPD) - corporate investigator.

All successful students who complete the course will become the first such qualified staff in the marketplace, highlighting its milestone status, since it acts as the first link in an academic qualification chain for commercial sector economic crime investigation and management.

The training and learning initiative has been successful in leading the industry and changing mindsets.

The project has not only delivered on creating a new, formalised profession, but is also serving to enrich the careers - and indeed future career choices - of talented individuals within the insurance industry.

It is unique in that the course is the first of its kind designed for the private sector and yet also recognised by the public sector in that it has also gained accredited status via the Counter-Fraud Professional Accreditation Board.