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March 2024

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Cover story

Clarissa Franks

Clarissa Franks: ‘Growth is the mission’ for Lockton UK

The independent broker is focused on strong organic growth and gathering ‘superstar’ talent, says head of UK retail


AI, regulation

Opinion: Has EU left UK behind on AI regulation?

Editor Katie Scott compares strides made by the European Union and UK when it comes to regulation around the use of artificial intelligence – has Brexit held the UK back?

The Market

magnet, attract, capacity

Brokers reveal concerns about capacity for ‘under pressure’ MGAs

One broker highlights fears that MGAs may be looking ’to all sorts of weird and awful sources of capacity’

The People

Bob James 2024

Bob James: Lloyd’s prefers sector-wide ‘criticism’ of project delays instead of unsafe Blueprint Two delivery

’I would rather take criticism [about the delay of Blueprint Two] then push the date and have a platform that has a flaw that [would] be problematic,’ says chief operations officer



Backchat: March 2024

Discretionary motor commissions, an arty insurer, insuring love and a new climate protest group targeting the industry. What has the insurance sector been up to this month? You heard it here first…