Brokers will be able to access SME products

Lorega has launched its first online quote and buy facility for brokers.

The loss recovery specialist said the move has been prompted by requests from brokers.

Using Lorega’s website, brokers will be able to access a range of commercial products for their SME clients. 

Brokers can also get quotes for complex commercial risks online through a referral tool.

The full range of Lorega household loss recovery insurance products will soon be made available via quote and buy.

Associate director Lee Bennett said: “While smaller brokers are increasingly recommending loss recovery insurance to their clients, those not using a platform on which our products are available found placing risks difficult.

“The launch of Lorega quote and buy has eliminated this drawback and creates an intuitive and efficient way to  enable brokers of all sizes to work with our independent experts to both deliver a high quality claims support service and demonstrate their worth at the client’s time of acute need.”