Nine employees land new roles on graduation


Motorcycle insurer MCE Insurance has been reaping the benefits of its leadership development scheme with nine staff graduating from the programme.

After undergoing an intensive six-month course aimed at career development called Talent Ed, named after their flag bearer Big Ed, six employees have been appointed to new roles, including three management positions.

Adam Hale, who has been appointed to a new position as a result of the scheme, said: “Talent Ed has given me the platform to develop myself within MCE in ways I never thought possible. Six months ago I was a sales advisor and now I have a whole new career path in front of me as MCE’s marketing executive.”   

Matt Duck, head of talent at the title sponsors of the MCE Insurance British Superbike series, said: “Investing in the development of the talent we have here at MCE is absolutely central to everything we do. To see our people achieve what they have via the Talent Ed scheme not only gives us a huge sense of pride but helps us fill key roles within the company and this in turn will help us to achieve all of our future ambitions.”