“Vast majority of uninsured drivers are habitual criminals”: Met commander

The Metropolitan Police seized 558 vehicles and made 76 arrests in total during their uninsured driving crackdown last week.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) logged record numbers of calls to their dedicated police helpline during Operation Reclaim, with 1158 calls recorded.

The operation saw 1000 police officers taking part in a series of operations. Roadside check points using number plate recognition were used, alongside fixed cameras and number plate checks.

Metropolitan Police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe and mayor of London Boris Johnson launched the operation.

Metropolitan Police commander Steve Watson said: “It is our intention to really step up our levels of enforcement activity in respect of uninsured vehicles and last week’s operation was the first of many which are now being planned. Given that the vast majority of uninsured drivers are also habitual criminals, this is a really targeted way of bringing the police into contact with the type of person who will use vehicles for all manner of unlawful activity.

“I am particularly grateful to the MIB for their invaluable support in assisting the Met to make such an impact. We will be working together to coordinate our resources even more effectively for future operations.”

MIB head of database services Neil Drane said: “At times it was a real challenge with the calls coming in to our contact centre but Operation Reclaim is proof of the crucial role that the MID plays in assisting the police with on-road enforcement and keeping our roads safe.”