But some insurance details may not display for valid reasons

A new web page to help accident victims to check vehicle insurance details at the roadside has been launched by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) today.

The free askMID service, which is only accessible via a smart mobile device, will confirm whether the other vehicle involved in the accident is showing as insured on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) and will provide the other party’s insurance details via email.

But an MIB spokeswoman stressed that if no results are displayed it is not a full indication the third party does not have insurance, as there may be several other valid reasons that prevent the insurance details from being displayed, which would need to be investigated by the victim’s insurer.

MIB chief executive Ashton West said: “Accidents can be harrowing experiences, but collecting accurate details at the scene of the accident is absolutely essential to making insurance claims for damage and injuries.

“The askMID Roadside service offers motorists peace of mind that the insurance details provided by the other driver at the scene of an accident match the records held on the Motor Insurance Database.”