New legislation is being drafted that will allow the electronic delivery of motor insurance certificates, which could save the industry up to £10m per year.

Though the industry has welcomed the move, Biba has raised concerns over the speed of its implementation, and has called for the legislation to be fast-tracked.

Speaking at the ABI’s motor conference Jim Fitzpatrick, road safety minister, said: “I have instructed departmental lawyers to begin drafting the necessary legislation.”

But Graeme Trudgill, technical and corporate affairs executive at Biba, warned that there could be a considerable lag between legislation and enforcement.

“There is no reason why this shouldn’t happen quickly,“ he said.

“[But] there is no timetable at the moment. Lawyers in the DfT are under enormous pressure to understand the intricacies of the changes.”

Trudgill said if Biba members had to wait, “you can be sure some of our members will be picketing outside Westminster”.

Justin Jacobs, the ABI’s director of motor, said the move would help bring insurance technology in line with other industries, and would have “significant benefits” for motorists.

He estimated the move would save insurers between £5m and £10m per year.

The DfT was unavailable for comment.