Axa lists strange activities travel insurance must now cover

AXA has published a list of new “holiday” activities it has had to cover in its travel insurance, such as Zorbing and Octopush.

The most popular recent additions are:

  • Zorbing - rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball
  • Hydrozorbing - where you chuck a couple of buckets of water inside the ball too
  • Octopush - underwater hockey
  • Wind tunnel flying - sometimes known as indoor sky-diving. Jets of generated vertical wind enable participants to "fly"
  • Tree canopy walking - using suspension bridges high up in the tree tops
  • Ringos - giant rubber rings used for sliding down slopes
  • Walking Sydney Harbour Bridge

John Dacey, fifestyle claims manager from AXA says: "Swimming with dolphins is so last year - it's now all about bathing with elephants. And who wants to go canoeing when power boating is an option?

"Going on holiday is about having fun and experiencing new things. We want people to enjoy themselves doing this but at the same time take sensible precautions in case of an accident."