Homelyfe and Yolt say they share a joint mission of empowering the mobile consumer

Homelyfe has partnered with smart money app Yolt in a bid to offer home insurance in 60 seconds.

The integration was described in a joint statement as a “milestone” for open banking, highlighting the value of a third-party provider integrating with a home insurance provider.

Peter Goodman, Homelyfe’s chief executive and co-founder, said: “Homelyfe and Yolt have a shared mission to empower the mobile consumer, using technology to create an effortless customer experience.

”This partnership sets a new benchmark for customer-centricity in financial services in the digital age.”

Yolt users will now be able to seamlessly and securely “source a home insurance quote” in one minute.


The money app eliminates the need for users to “juggle” multiple apps to manage their finances, instead giving users an overview of their accounts and cards to analyse their spending habits across bank accounts whilst offering tips, advice and better deals.

Yolt’s chief executive, Frank Jan Risseeuw, said: “Yolt’s vision is to give everyone the power to be smart with their money.

“We are therefore really pleased to be able to link up with Homelyfe and provide Yolt users with access to home insurance through our app. Yolt is committed to being the only money app our users’ need, and we are making this possible through exciting partnerships like this one.”

Homelyfe launched a partner platform last month to fast-track customer onboarding, leveraging data to pre-fill information in the customer insurance buying journey.

The insurtech was established in 2015 with a mission to “make insurance simple and customer-centric by streamlining the quote process.”

It uses a white label solution to allow partners such as banks, retailers and insurance companies to offer its products and services to their customers.

Lexis Nexis launched its first pre-filled solution last month to speed up the buying process for home insurance. 

Yolt launched in 2016 as a venture of financial institution-ING bank N.V.

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