The broker was founded by industry veteran John Hatfield 

Ignite, a software house for specialist insurance brokers, has partnered with Zoomcover, a new short-term car insurance broker.

The organisation is providing Zoomcover’s front and back office software solutions. This includes enabling customers to choose and buy variable policy term quotes, as well as providing support for back office policy management and motor insurance database (MID) submission integration from start-up.

Toby MacLachlan, Ignite’s managing director, told Insurance Times that the business hopes to become the go-to software platform for specialist insurance brokers.

He claimed that Ignite’s e-trading platform, called Ignite Broker, can save brokers both time and money through automation. It is linked to its engine that allows control over rates, commissions and access to open market schemes. Its front and back end system that supports all lines of business.

“Brokers are specialists in particular areas, and we focus on creating systems that reduce their administration time so they can focus on their specialism,” he said.


Zoomcover was launched by insurance industry veteran John Hatfield; it will specialise in on-demand car insurance and is due to launch shortly.

MacLachlan said that Hatfield, who was chief executive at Dayinsure for a decade, got in touch as he wanted to branch out by himself.

At the time, Hatfield had just left his position and therefore wanted to get something started quickly. He was looking for a system that he could take to market without a lot of development, alongside a personal service – MacLachlan said that Ignite was a good fit here. 

“We began, as we do with all our new clients, with a scoping exercise. John [Hatfield] came into our office for a few days and we mapped out all of his business requirements in great detail.

”This included new design work, document templates, the ratings steps… all of the detail that goes into configuring Ignite Broker for a new brokerage. From that, we could give a fixed price, contracts could be signed and work begun”, MacLachlan said.

Time and money

Ignite is heavily focused on automation - MacLachlan said this was important for Hatfield as well as brokers.

“Brokers are specialists in particular areas, we wanted to create something that was relevant for their purposes and took the administration time away from them,” he said.

This means that more time can be dedicated to the customer journey.

When asked what gives Ignite its edge, MacLachlan focused on the “high design quality and customer service” its team provides.

“In system terms this means a shorter question set that is easy to understand. Ignite also works very closely with brokers so that the software development process is something they are actively part of.

“From a back-office point of view we are taking away the pain for brokers. We automate [processes] that can be automated, like renewals and amendments, and allow the brokers to interact easily and seamlessly with the customer where possible. We can save the broker an awful lot of time and money if they’re not having to focus on value-negative administrative tasks”

But MacLachlan added that online tools do not work for every broker, especially high net worth clients. That is why he says Ignite will always retain the option to call and speak to someone.

“Our digital service is there for the community of brokers that we serve and we are always trying to do what we can to enhance it.”

Ignite’s other clients include RAC, BG Insurance, Car Finance 247, PIB, LV=, Canopius, Ageas and Markerstudy.