Toby MacLachlan, managing director of Ignite, explains why the business is hoping to win the Excellence in AI award

Why did you enter the Excellence in AI award?

Toby Maclachlan

Toby Maclachlan, managing director of Ignite

Ignite entered the Excellence in AI category because since ChatGPT launched a year ago, we’ve seen huge potential for how it can help our broker clients.

We aimed to impress the judges by showing that we could bring the power of generative AI to brokers by helping them to answer customer queries faster and more accurately.

Staff are a broker’s highest cost – as well as their biggest asset – so freeing up their time from menial administrative activities like processing MTAs and responding to queries would give them time to focus on profitable activities like upselling, cross selling and new business generation.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

Our entry should stand out because we’re making generative AI easily accessible to all our brokers in a way that is painless and relevant and understandable.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Winning would mean an extra fun office Christmas party, which is happening on the same evening as the awards ceremony!


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