Lorega MD says the business can see any loss “within one minute” with the new rollout of technology 

Lorega has launched a live video streaming service for policyholders to enable the company to provide faster claims mitigation advice and expert support at the point of first notification.

The service, available to all customers with Loss Recovery Insurance or using the company’s telephone advice service, Lorega 10, enables the policyholder to live stream views of their physical loss directly to the desktop of Lorega’s claims experts. 

Being able to see the full, physical detail of the loss within minutes of it being reported enables Lorega to obtain an earlier assessment so they can deliver more accurate initial loss advice on security and loss mitigation measures.

Customers use a secure weblink sent to their smartphones to access the system developed by Lorega’s ‘Insuretech’ partner, an international online video platform provider, to access the streaming service. This means there is no need to download software to the smartphone and the link is up and running immediately.

Johnstone said: “This represents an important enhancement to our already high levels of customer service and support. By enabling claimants to provide video upon notification of a claim, we can provide faster and more accurate advice on dealing with and mitigating the loss.

“The investment in video streaming further demonstrates our commitment to providing expert help to minimise the impact, costs and disruption of a property damage claim.”