’The general perception around insurance is that it is boring and old fashioned,’ says vice president 

The Chartered Insurance Institute’s New Generation Programme is developing a new campaign to help attract more young talent to the industry.

Entitled Insurance Influencer, the campaign will include a video and supporting leaflet that are being designed to signpost the younger generation when considering a career in insurance.

Florence Dennis, vice president of the CII’s Leicester institute, told Insurance Times that the general perception around insurance “is that it is boring and old fashioned” and that “most young people not in insurance assume you work in a call centre”.

She said the campaign will create materials for the profession to use in an attempt to attract the young generation.

“The real impact we want to make is to really get across just how exciting insurance is and how the opportunities are endless,” Dennis added.


The New Generation programme offers 40 young professionals the chance to improve the sector by working together on a project and presenting it to the CII board.

The new campaign will also include material to help direct younger people towards apprenticeships and graduate schemes that can start their journey in the insurance industry.

Dennis, who is also the chair of the East Midlands Biba committee for young brokers, said its new campaign would be completed by the end of September.

She added the goal is to share the video “far and wide”, while the supporting leaflet will be given to employers to hand out at a variety of events.

“Insurance influences so many things that happen or don’t happen in this world and the avenues you can take your career are so wide,” Dennis said.

“[The insurance industry] is a great place to build a long term career.”