The insurer is also investing in upskilling its existing workforce to help futureproof its business, it said in a statement

Zurich UK is continuing its drive towards attracting young talent by offering 100 new places for apprenticeships across the UK in 2023.

The insurer has increased its total number of apprenticeships for 2023 in an attempt to futureproof its workforce and is creating new placements in HR, marketing and data protection.

The apprenticeships are open to application from 6 February to 19 March 2023 and will be available across twelve different business areas including data science, operations and IT, finance and claims.

Apprenticeships will range in level from those aimed at workers at the start of their insurance career to those for people with master’s qualifications or at a later stage in their careers.

Michelle Ransome, talent acquisition manager at Zurich UK, said: “Zurich sees the value in attracting top talent with skills across the board, which is why this year we introduced non-insurance led disciplines in growth areas of our business.”

Investing in upskilling

Zurich is also investing in apprenticeships for its existing workforce to help future proof its business as the insurance industry undergoes a digital transformation.

As part of the insurer’s strategy to invest in data and leadership skills, there has been an 89% increase to the number of existing employee apprenticeships available for 2023.

For example, qualifications such as coaching professional, data technician, senior leader and data analyst are up for grabs.

Zurich predicts it will use £1.75m of the government-funded apprenticeship levy this year.

Places are available across the UK including London, Cardiff, Fareham, Farnborough, Glasgow, Birmingham and Swindon.

Ransome added: “We are also investing in upskilling our existing workforce, allowing employees to enhance their current role and broaden their skillset for the future.”

Since 2017, the insurer has supported more than 500 new and existing employees with apprenticeships.

For example, more than 100 employees have completed a Level Three apprenticeship, achieving a Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate (CII Cert) qualification.

A further 20 apprentices have furthered their insurance skills via the Insurance Professional standard, achieving Level Four and Diploma CII qualifications.

Meanwhile, 50 employees have achieved Level Six qualifications through the Senior Insurance Professional apprenticeship, CII Advanced Diploma Qualification (ACII).

More than 60 employees have achieved a master’s or equivalent qualification in data, digital, accountancy, engineering or leadership.