Octavian syndicate management has merged two of its motor syndicates to create an underwriting vehicle with a gross premium capacity of £80 million.

Peter Routledge has resigned as active underwriter of motor Syndicate 1228 to allow Stephen Butler, formerly deputy underwriter of Abbey motor Syndicate 554 and general manager of 1228, to step up to the senior role.

Butler has been working at Octavian since 1975.

Syndicate 554 ceased trading last year and merged its back office facilities, based at Chelmsford, Essex, with Syndicate 1228 to boost its gross underwriting capacity to £80m. A spokesman for Octavian said Routledge decided to resign at the end of February 2000, after the changes were announced.

He added: "Octavian has decided to merge both syndicates and carry on trading with Syndicate 1228."