Insurer QBE will be reaching out to regional brokers in 2018, according to Europe chief executive Richard Pryce

QBE Europe chief executive, Richard Pryce has revealed that the insurer will look to build engagement with more regional brokers in the UK over 2018.

The insurer boss told the press: “I think you’ll find that we’ll probably be more engaged with some of the regional brokers than we have been”.

He said the insurer did not want to be “just relying on some of the larger nationals.”

To build this engagement, he expects that the insurer will have a “more visible” marketing campaign.

QBE’s UK team is now led by recent hire and former Zurich UKGI chief underwriting officer Cécile Fresneau, who joined the insurer in January. She will be looking to build on the UK business, which according to Pryce has been “very successful” this year, but has not performed as well as QBE’s European operations.