Racetracks are a potential minefield for liability in the event of a serious accident, Birmingham solicitor Edge Ellison warned in light of a recent court case.

The firm says the case of Andrew Guy Glenie v. Reg Slack and Ian Barclay has serious implications for owners and occupiers of racetracks and the promoters and organisers of race events.

It established that the owner, occupier and promoter were aware of safety problems on Matchams Leisure Park and partly responsible for an accident there in 1993.

The plaintiff Glenie was riding his motorcycle and sidecar on the track when it hit a fence, killing his passenger and leaving him a paraplegic.

The court ruled he was 50% at fault as he knew his passenger was inexperienced and the bike had no brakes.

But, for the rest of the contributory negligence, the court ruled the owner, Slack, was two thirds to blame due to the state of the track, and the promoter and organiser, Barclay, one third for allowing a practice session.

Steven Burton, a solicitor in Edge Ellison's sports division, said that the case was a warning to insurers to review policy terms.