Underwriters and brokers will carry out live deals at Biba

Dan Wilkinson

RSA will host a live trading room at Biba.

The Biba live trading room is part of a plan to promote the launch of a 25-man trading centre in Redhill within three months.

Commercial lines managing director Jon Hancock said: “We want to get as close to brokers as we can and get closer to the end customer. We want to have smaller and a lot more flexible, dynamic sites.”

According to the firm, the new centre will be a “walk-in, drop-in site”, a place where brokers can talk to the RSA team in a comfortable atmosphere where they will also have access to high-speed internet.

Speaking on the Biba trading room, mid-market regions director Dan Wilkinson said: “It will look and feel like a mini-Lloyd’s, a place where you can come in and do your deal. It’s a modern environment where brokers can deal with our senior team, and there will be underwriters on site.”