Michael Standing supplied false details for 54 policies

A ghost broker who supplied invalid policies to people with a criminal background and disqualified drivers has been handed a suspended sentence.

Michael Standing obtained 54 real insurance policies from RSA, but provided the insurer with false personal details to secure the policies.

He made around £80 from each policy he supplied, a total of more than £4,000.  

RSA discovered the scam last January when it linked all the policies to Standing’s home address in Wrose Road, Shipley, near Bradford. It referred the case to the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), which found the policies were linked to Standing’s bank accounts. He was arrested in July and charged with four counts of fraud by false representation.

On Friday he was handed a 15-month jail term suspended for two years and a 12-month supervision order at the Old Bailey.

RSA counter fraud manager John Beadle said: “Insurers should no longer been seen as a ‘soft touch’ and we will continue to work closely with IFED to ensure that those who commit fraud are detected and face the consequences of the law.”