Grant Ellis has taken the Broker Network into Biba, providing the trade body with its first heavyweight intermediary members since the doors were opened to non-brokers last year.

Nearly 50 of Broker Network's 80 members are intermediaries, giving a real boost to Biba's membership-extension initiative. In all, Broker Network controls £100 million of premium income, placing it at number ten among broking firms.

At the same time, Coversure, the intermediary franchise organisation, has also signed up. In all, Biba now has 145 non-broker members.

Ellis is also in talks with GISC about tightening regulation requirements for sub-agents and networks. At present, GISC does not recognise networks and proposes to deal with them as sub-agents, with the network head office being held responsible for members' activities.

But Ellis is meeting the GISC tomorrow to propose a more rigorous monitoring regime.

"I want an acknowledgement that networks exist, and a requirement that networks have a monitoring regime of their own. There's been a lack of attention to the sub-agency business. We have to demonstrate more compliance than required at present to satisfy the GISC."

Ellis' dealings with Biba and GISC are indicative of a growing confidence at the Broker Network. The group's relations with insurers have consistently delivered impressive underwriting results.