Globally by sector retail and transport face highest risk of attack

The threat of civil unrest in Europe has declined, according to the latest Aon terrorism data.

The annual terrorism and political violence map released today shows that 11 countries in the West have had their civil commotion perils removed.

The Middle East is the world region most affected by terrorism, with a 28% share of all terrorist attacks recorded worldwide in 2013. The data shows that 52% of all terrorist attacks recorded took place in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, up from 41% in 2012.

Elsewhere, Brazil was the only Latin American country to see its risk rating increase from medium to severe owing to widespread protests throughout 2013. Three other countries also attained increased country scores, including Japan, Mozambique and Bangladesh.

Globally by sector, the industries facing the highest risk of attack in 2014 are retail and transport, which remain vulnerable and include venues such as public markets. In 2013, 33% of terrorism attacks affected the retail sector, while 18% took place in the transportation sector.

Additionally, the Winter Olympics in Russia, which will involve mass transportation, is seen as a potential terrorist target.