XTML is claiming it has launched the world's first e-commerce insurance product for business, called Ensure.

It offers UK businesses comprehensive e-commerce insurance cover for business interruption and virus/hacking.

But, it is only available at XTML ServerBank.

XTML Ensure works alongside standard service level agreements to give e-commerce businesses a safety net that will reimburse users for lost revenue in the event of a failure of XTML's web servers.

Managing director John Ridd said: "Ensure is a world first. Many companies offer service level agreements which refund additional connection days but this does not replace lost business. Traditionally, high value items are insured in business and in the home. It is logical that businesses protect themselves especially where on-line services handle millions of pounds of transactions."

Ensure is underwritten to the value of £1.5 billion. It was developed by XTML working with insurers such as Independent Insurance Group and the Lloyd's broker Houlders Insurance Services.

Houlders director Wayne Melton said: "For any company that relies on e-commerce the XTML service is imperative."