Zurich Commercial has updated its policy and risk management package for property owners and managers letting commercial properties.

The three-year-old policy includes all standard risks including material damage, business interruption, terrorism and property owners' liability.

It has been improved with add-ons of employers liability and computers and machinery.

Policies, which can last up to three years, include the Property Owners' Risk Management Guide and the company's one-stop risk programme.

The risk management guide examines the risks tenants bring to the property owner, the legal risks associated with the law applicable to property and lease, and the more traditional insurance risks of damage to premises and health and safety.

At the other end of the spectrum, the one-stop risk programme provides an individual diagnostic audit of risk across the customer's entire business.

Zurich has also launched a Lotus Notes-based insurance administration system intended to reduce some of the paper burden.

The set-up is aimed at aiding business through electronic data communication such as on-line policy updates and overnight document adjustments.

It enables users to make alterations and produce documentation without reference to Zurich Commercial. Users can calculate or split premiums and manage accounts.

"The whole package aims to help property owners secure their future by placing an emphasis on meeting their diverse insurance and risk needs, with the Lotus Notes system an integral part of the solution," said underwriting and marketing director Roger Thrift.