Monday, 20 February 2017

Fraud Analysis

MoJ is missing 'fraud focus' in whiplash reforms, MPs warnSubscription

Premium Content: Justice Select committee held a hearing with the ABI and APIL on the whiplash reforms

Analysis: Next steps to tackle Fraud Subscription

Aggregators are seen as key to tackling application fraud. Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department to investigate more serious frauds

Analysis: Solicitors want to get tough on fraudSubscription

Solicitors’ regulator calls for insurance industry to share more data on fraud so that greater and better evidence will help punish errant law firms

Five fraudsters brought low by stupidity or arrogance Subscription

Many fraudsters are caught out by their own arrogance, stupidity, a lack of attention to detail, or by pushing their frauds just one scam too far.

Fraud Charter: Beware losing expertise as FCA takes on CMCsSubscription

Government urged “not to throw out the baby with the bath water” when oversight of the claims management industry is taken over by ‘tougher’ FCA 

Analysis: Claims reform like ‘using sledgehammer to crack a nut’Subscription

Fraud Charter members hear that latest proposals to limit whiplash claims could drive up insurers’ cost and leave genuine whiplash sufferers without proper court representation

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Fraud News

Crash for cash gang caught in large fraud against 16 insurers

Over 100 claims were also connected to the gang in the large fraud against 16 insurers

Ageas UK results ‘disappointing’ after discount rate hitSubscription

Discount rate hit pushes Ageas UK to full-year loss

Open GI signs Markerstudy deal and offers powerful new tools

Open GI has new products in the pipeline so brokers can enhance the customer experience 

Biba wants shorter whiplash deadlines

Biba calls for tighter whiplash deadlines to combat fraud

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