Network aims for "significant growth".

1 Answer Network, the personal lines broker network, has reached a combined GWP in excess of £75m.

The network also revealed that it has gained 35 members and over 160,000 clients.

In a statement, the network said the ability to compete on a level playing field with the ‘Call Centre” and “Internet Providers” in the market is now very much available.

Based on the principle of improving the buying power of independent operators by pooling together to negotiate arrangements such as premium finance deals, claims services and schemes, the network claims to be the first major initiative targeting personal lines brokers in this way.

Paul Muir, managing director of 1 Answer Network, believes the network works to the advantage of many independents. He said: “There are a vast number of high street brokers running sound businesses that do not have the buying power to introduce the most efficient IT, premium finance, income from quality products services and add-ons or insurance facilities.

"It is these brokers who have been most at risk of acquisition and 1 Answer Network was designed to offer them an alternative, whilst allowing them to remain fully independent. Significant growth plans are forecast for 2008/9."