Fee and commission income (1999):

Fee and commission income (1999):

Pre-tax profit (1999):

Head office:
55 Bishopsgate
Tel: 020 7578 7000
Fax: 020 7578 7001

website: www.benfieldgrieg.com

Major shareholders:
Grahame Chilton, John Coldman, Michael Rees

Chief officer:
Grahame Chilton

Grahame Chilton has been chief executive of Benfield Greig Group since its formation as a result of the merger of The Benfield Group and Greig Fester in November 1997. Chilton is also the chairman of the group's reinsurance broking subsidiary, Benfield Greig Limited. Before the merger, he was chief executive of The Benfield Group and deputy chairman of Benfield Ellinger, its broking arm. He is also chairman of Benfield Sports International, the sports promotion consultancy. He began his career with CT Bowring.

Company history:
Benfield Greig Group (BGG) is a leading independent international reinsurance and risk advisory group and was formed as a result of the merger of Benfield and Greig Fester in 1997.

BGG's business philosophy is founded on building long-term partnerships with its customers. The group seeks to anticipate and drive change, applying skills and resources as creatively as possible to meet customers' evolving needs.

The group has gathered together a blend of professional skills and people, united by a commitment to team achievement and a common focus on providing customers with unrivalled service. Multi-disciplined teams from around the world can be drawn together as necessary to respond to customer needs.

Benfield Greig Limited, its specialist reinsurance broker, is the largest subsidiary. Benfield Greig Limited was awarded the title International Reinsurance Broker of the Year in the British Insurance Awards for both 1999 and 2000. Other subsidiaries include Benfield Advisory, a corporate and investment advisory business which incorporates Benfield Asset Management; Benfield Sports International, a sports marketing consultancy, and Wildnet, which develops, builds and manages interactive trading websites.

Benfield Greig Group has a network of 25 principal offices in the UK, continental Europe, North America, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and South Africa.

Customers include many of the largest reinsurance buyers in each territory. The rapid expansion of the group's international network, particularly in North America, has further strengthened relationships with international customers and improved access to regional reinsurance capacity. The company's focus on long-term relationships extends to its major underwriting markets, and it has unrivalled access to all the main sources of reinsurance capacity.

Relationships between customers and their reinsurers are fostered and developed to help them achieve their long-term goals.

The development of the group's non-broking subsidiaries has enabled BGG to offer a wider range of skills and services to customers. In particular, the group is committed to maximising the opportunities offered by new technology.

Main lines of business:
Reinsurance - global property/casualty, catastrophe, retro, marine, aerospace, credit, financial institutions. Financial and risk modelling, ART, corporate finance and risk analysis.

Number of UK branches:

Number of employees (average for 1999):