It’s been a slightly surreal week, from writing about Gary Lineker to hearing about a girl called Allianz. What next?


I head over to the London Underwriting Centre to meet the Zurich claims team for a briefing on a landmark Supreme Court case coming up next week. The conclusion of this case could have a seismic impact on the insurance industry.


I’m off across the City again, but this time to meet Ageas boss Barry Smith to talk about flood insurance. When I’m back in the office, I put the finishing touches to this week’s profile on Gary Lineker, Richard King, Steve Broughton – and Barry Smith.


I team up with a colleague and head down to the High Court. The interior is like a museum, and that applies to the court’s filing system too.


It’s time to start writing up the news for this week’s issue, and to look over the Backchat Insider page. My personal favourite is the story of a mother naming her child Allianz, because she liked the way it sounded. Whatever next? I’ve always thought Aviva had a good ring to it …


I told myself three weeks ago that I wouldn’t wear a coat again until winter, but with the weather getting colder once more I’m forced to backtrack on that idea. Once in the office, the Insurance Times team are on our final deadlines for this week’s issue.