Fee and commission income (2003): £143m.

Pre-tax profit (2003): £900,000

Address: 10-12 Alie Street

London E1 8DE

Tel: 020 7548 9700

Fax: 020 7548 1620

Email: group@glencairngroup.com

Website: www.glencairngroup.com

History: Glencairn is a specialist insurance and reinsurance intermediary.

It went through a management buy-out from its former parent company, South African insurance broker Glenrand MIB, in February 2003.

Glenrand MIB first established a presence in London in the early 1990s with the creation of NIB (UK), which subsequently became known as Glenrand Marsh, an intermediary specialising in the reinsurance sector.

In 1995 the company was approved to trade as a Lloyd's broker. At about the same time, the company acquired a majority shareholding in Andrew Wallas & Marsh, a professional indemnity specialist intermediary. This entity became 100% owned by Glenrand Marsh in March 1999.

In 1998 Andrew Wallas (now executive chairman of Glencairn) took executive responsibility to grow the company's scale and diversify its activities into other insurance specialisms. This was achieved through the acquisition of individuals and teams with specialist insurance and reinsurance capabilities.

The management buy-out was completed in February 2003 and relationships with the former parent continue to be positive, evidenced by its continued use of the company for placements into the London market.

In August 2003, Steve Hearn joined the company as chief executive, having previously been president and chief executive of Marsh Affinity Europe.

Major shareholders: Glencairn is 100% owned by Glencairn Uhuru Ltd, which in turn is 100% owned by Uhuru Holdings Ltd (Uhuru). Both Glencairn Uhuru Ltd and Uhuru Holdings Ltd are non-trading holding companies. Glencairn's employees own over 98% of the Uhuru equity, with the largest shareholder owning 9.18%.

Chief officer: Steve Hearn, chief executive.