Heath Group merged with Lambert Fenchurch in November 1999 and the company is now called Heath Lambert Group.

Fee and commission income (1998):

Pre-tax profit (1998):

Head office:
Friary Court
Crutched Friars
Tel: 020 7560 3000
Fax: 020 7560 3502

website: www.heathlambert.com

Chief officer:
David Margrett, chief executive

Company history:
Heath Group's origins date back to 1909. The company purchased the retail broking and financial services operation of the British & Commonwealth in 1990. In April 1996, it demerged its computer services division into Rebus Group. In June 1996, the company announced the conditional sale of its 56% interest in Lloyd's New York Insurance Company, which completed its withdrawal from underwriting. In June 1997, a management buy-out took Heath Group private. In October 1998, it disposed of its UK provincial network. In November 1999 Heath Lambert was formed, via purchase of the publicly held Lambert Fenchurch Group shares, with venture capital raised from Heath shareholders and other institutions.

Main lines of business:
All classes of insurance and reinsurance broking and risk management.