As a leading provider of mortgage payment protection insurance, Assurant Solutions was happy to have the opportunity to participate in the OFT feedback session held on 24 August. It was encouraging to see so many representatives of our industry come together to provide constructive and positive comments on the results of the OFT's PPI market study to date.

There has been much debate both in the national press as well as our own trade titles over recent months - some, but not all, useful in helping to move the industry closer to being able to ensure what the FSA, OFT and every responsible insurer, lender and intermediary wants: a sound product that represents a good deal for consumers.

The 24 August session demonstrated that the industry is committed to working with the OFT to address the issues raised in its study to date. While we believe that some positive initiatives have already been introduced by the industry, there is undoubtedly a lot of work to be done. So, it was good to see the session giving priority to providing consumers choice and value for money.

The industry should fully support the OFT's efforts and take the opportunities provided to give feedback and comment. Only by working together will we arrive at the point where mortgage payment protection insurance and payment protection insurance as a whole will no longer have a negative perception among consumers, but rather be seen as a valuable addition to their financial toolbox.

Adrian Fowler
Head of marketing
Assurant Solutions