The ABI's compensation reform plans have come under criticism from Allianz Cornhill.

Phil Ruse, divisional manager at Allianz Cornhill Legal Protection, joined lawyers and the TUC in questioning measures presented by the ABI to revamp the compensation process.

Ruse said: "The ABI suggests that the Personal Injuries Assessment Board [PIAB] in Ireland is worth considering as a way forward. The question then is who exactly are the ABI proposing will run this process that sits outside the courts? Who is going to oversee its operation and ensure its independence?

"The PIAB is not the best place to find an effective solution, as an increasing number of claims are failing to be resolved by the PIAB and are falling back into the legal system."

He said: "We would welcome defendant insurers taking the initiative on resolving claims early and we would encourage claimants to make their claim at the earliest opportunity. But radical reform is not the way ahead otherwise we risk denying more people access to justice."