Autofocus asserts it will 'do everything in its power to defend itself'

Credit hire giant Accident Exchange is alleging that Autofocus used false information to help insurers beat down charges for replacement vehicles.

Accident Exchange is set to sue Autofocus, which insurers use to challenge replacement vehicle rates charged by credit hire firms.

Autofocus has strongly denied any wrongdoing. Chairman Colin McLean said: “It is important for the market to understand that Autofocus will do everything in its power to defend itself and will not be deterred by these extremely serious allegations from offering the highest level of responsible, independent service.”

In a statement to the London Stock Exchange on Friday, Accident Exchange said: “Accident Exchange has recently discovered and obtained direct independent evidence that the lower rates awarded by the courts were, in some cases, based on the defendant producing evidence on spot hire rate from Autofocus Ltd (Autofocus) which, the board believes, may either have been factually incorrect or dishonest.

“The findings of the investigation have been communicated to the insurers and solicitors of the ‘at fault’ driver (the defendant in these court cases) and are expected to form the basis of an action for damages against Autofocus.”

AXA claims director David Williams said that he had always found the work of Autofocus “beyond reproach”.